As a non-profit organization, Village Nursery School is funded entirely by the tuition income from the families who are enrolled in our program.  We do not receive any financial support from the school district or other organizations. Maintaining the quality of our program and continuing to improve our staff salaries and our school facilities is of primary importance to our school as is keeping tuition costs affordable for our families and competitive with other programs. For these reasons, fundraising plays an important role in our school.  Please see below for our future fundraising events as well as ways to support VNS throughout the year!




Thank you to the following businesses, organizations, and individuals that have made significant donations to Village Nursery School!

  • Lowes

  • Rebuilding Together

  • Target

  • Trader Joe's

  • Starbucks

  • Lucky's California

  • Pixar

  • Oscar Photo Lab

  • BlueFrog Screen Printing & Embroidery

  • Last Stop Bar

  • Tselogs

  • Play Haven

  • Mission Edge Cafe

  • Sunshine Shannon Photography

  • PapaLoDown Agency

  • Rich Tamor

  • Sangeeta Sinha

  • Steve Gayle

  • Victor Ha

  • Preston Fung