Five Benefits of a Cooperative Preschool

1. Taking part in a Cooperative Preschool allows families to be directly involved in their child’s early education. It allows families to work directly with the teachers and interact with a community of other parents. Parents and children develop an extended family with friendships that extend beyond school hours.

Grandparents and extended family can participate in work days too!

Grandparents and extended family can participate in work days too!

2. Cooperative schools provide continuity and reassurance to both the child and parent as they make this early step together out of the home and into the world. Parental involvement in the school makes the transition easier and the environment more nurturing for all the children in the school.

3. Parents gain insight into child behavior by observing other children, parents and our professional teachers handle various situations. Your child will benefit from observing you interact with other children and from their own interaction with numerous caring adults in a safe and stimulating atmosphere. As a result, you will gain a greater understanding and enjoyment of your own children by actively participating in their education.

4. Co-op families grow into support networks.  Parents meet other families who can share experiences, advice and help each other through some of the challenging times that develop during the preschool years. 

5. Tuition rates at a co-op are much more affordable than a non co-op school. The reason for this is because the families enrolled are responsible for the majority of the work required to operate the school.