Each family is required to attend a 1 hour orientation, and participate in a 3 hour work day training, prior to their child's start date.

Weekly commitments:

  • Families are required to work one day per week from 8:45a to 12:30p. Your workday can be done by you or another member of your family.
  • Each working parent must have updated TB test, proof of measles, mumps, rubella & most recent flu shot, and pass the 'Megan's Law' background check. (*The work day is only required by "participating" families. If  available you can choose to be a "non-participating" family and will be charged a higher tuition rate.)

Monthly Commitments:

  • Meetings: A family member is required to attend each Business Meeting (usually 1st Tuesday of the month, September through May, 7-9 pm).
  • Jobs: Each family is required to have either a Board position or one of the Standing Committee jobs.  Each Board position has its own time commitments, but Standing Committee jobs usually average 2 hrs per month.

Annual/Semi-annual Commitments:

  • Maintenance: Each family is required to participate in 6 hrs per semester to clean, fix, or enhance the school environment.
  • Fundraising: We have several fundraisers throughout the school year which are mandatory to participate in.